Sunday, May 25, 2008

Office 2007 OPK

The Office 2007 System Builder Pack comes with a "hybrid" build of Office 2007. The purpose for this is not documented, however it's intended to allow the end user to decide which version of Office 2007 to buy if a license is not delivered with the system.

By using the Office Activation Assistant, the user can get a trial license key and check out the apps in the "hybrid" build prior to purchase.

To install this prior to delivery, create a folder with an admin image of Office 2007. Copy the config.xml file to the root of the admin image folder and edit as needed. Restart the PC and install the admin image. We've found if you don't restart the PC, the installer does not see the .xml file.

After the System Builder install is complete, install the Office Activation Assistant.

If testing is needed, run the "AUDIT.REG" file provided in the pack and then install Office 2007 from the admin image folder. Use the "hybrid" product key provided. You cannot activate the product with this key.

After testing is complete, run the OEM12.bat file provided in the pack to restore the image to a "pre-first-run" configuration and you're all set for delivery.

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