Friday, June 27, 2008

Windows Backup and VSS

One of the SBS 2003 servers we support has had a puzzling issue. On random days, the server will become unresponsive when Windows Backup runs. After restarting the server, all is OK for days, even weeks. What makes this so odd is that there's been no error in the server logs to indicate a problem.

We discovered Microsoft issued a Post SP2 hotfix for this problem and the issue is related to the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) that takes a snapshot of the file system to ensure a complete backup.

Please note that hotfixes have not completed regression testing, so proceed at your own risk. Check out the bulletin at

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Trend Micro SMB security software released

The name for Trend Micro's flagship small-medium business product was always a mouthful - Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Security for SMB.

In order to clarify the names for their SMB products, Trend Micro released version five of this product on June 2, 2008 under a new "Worry-Free" product line. Trend introduced the "Worry-Free" brand last fall with their Remote Manager product for IT service firms.

The new version includes web threat protection, location awareness, application behavior monitoring and improved spam blocking. We have been testing the product since it's beta release and we're pleased with the improvements.

Our clients with current Trend Micro maintenance agreements can move to this version for free.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

StorageCraft updates ServerProtect to version 3.2

The folks at StorageCraft updated their ServerProtect product with some significant features.

Most notable is support for 64-bit platforms including Windows 2008. Also helpful is their improved support for removable disks.

The improved removable disk support adds a feature that purges outdated disk images before a job starts. This resolved an issue we saw where a job would fail due to a lack of disk space.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Acronis True Image Echo Server upgrades

You'll probably want to pass on any in-place upgrades of True Image Echo Server for the time being. There's a problem with the Snap driver not upgrading correctly and preventing the software from locking the volume for an image backup.

According to the readme file from build 8076, the upgrade issue was to have been resolved, but there seem to be some more issues that may need to be worked out. We've reported it to Acronis Tech Support.

Until another fix comes out, just uninstall the existing version, reboot, install the new version and restart again (!) If that seems like a lot, it's less painful than manually removing the previous version via Regedit and Windows Explorer. Acronis Support can provide the exact details if you need it.