Saturday, July 19, 2008

Customize Trend server notifications

Our friend Bill Kam at Trend Micro showed us this a while back. If you want to show the server name in the subject of the notification email you receive from Trend Worry Free Security, edit the dashboard.ini file. You can find the file in this folder:

\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan\PCCSRV\Private

Add the server name anywhere after the "=" sign.

For example:

LicenceExpire_Subject=Attainity [Trend Micro Security Server]License expiration
LicenceExpire_Message=Your license will expire within %CT days or may already be expired. Contact your Trend Micro reseller to purchase a new Activation Code and reactivate your license. Refer to the Live Status screen on your Security Server for further instructions.

Etc., etc.

If you wish, you can customize these messages to whatever you choose. Just do your editing after the "=" sign.

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