Saturday, October 4, 2008

Windows 2008 Backup now image based

Similar to Acronis and StorageCraft products, Microsoft has dumped the old file by file backup strategy used since Windows NT and has replaced it with an image backup.

More interesting, however is Small Business Server 2008 does not support tape drives. According to several Microsoft employees assigned to the SBS project, tape is too slow, too fragile, unreliable and inconvenient for the large files generated by the new backup software.

I've heard grumbling about the lack of tape support. Since external disks are so inexpensive, what's the problem?

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Roger Otterson said...

It is much more efficient to backup to hard drives and the SBS 2008 concept of block backups over tape backups is MUCH easier to recover from if the backups are on a hard drive. But, if you are still struggling to let go of tape drives ... tape drive are still supported in the native Windows Server 2008 operating system and you can certainly copy you image backup to your tape drive as a separate task the following day. This will not interrupt productivity and allows you still use your tape drive (but hard drives are better ;-) )