Saturday, November 22, 2008

Looking Out For You Instead Of Your Client

Good grief. I can’t tell you how many sites we see where the prior IT tech has taken the path of least resistance. That’s where they’ve avoided confrontation or more work.

It’s self-centered and safe.

Instead of explaining that going cheap is not smart and dealing with a little push back, they’d rather get the job and pocket the cash without considering how it affects the business.

What’s also safe is pushing corporate solutions on SMBs. Why do a little homework and learn about more appropriate solutions? Because it’s easier to just go with the ones they worked with in their large corporation days.

The result is the client is unhappy, gets a lousy solution and now has a bad opinion of IT service providers. And that’s just a minor example of what we see. I won’t get into pirated software that’s sold as genuine, highly over spec’ed solutions, intentionally crippled installations that can only be worked on by the same tech, etc, etc.

There ought to be a law. And a real certification or licensing process like most professionals have. I’ll step off my soapbox now.

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