Saturday, May 9, 2009

MS Office 2007 SP2 Installation Errors

We’ve seen a few Vista boxes fail when attempting to load Office 2007. In Windows Update, the error code was 8007066f.

Using the MS links in WU, we didn’t get much help, so we tried installing the service pack outside WU and received a new error - “the detection failed, this can be due to a corrupted installation database.”

MS suggested we completely uninstall all MS Office products (including Project, SharePoint Designer and Visio). We saw another recommendation which was to rename the “patch” key on all MS Office 2007 related entries in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\000021x…

This worked, but proceed carefully. Back up the registry and check each key to see that it relates to Office 2007 before you do this. We changed about 20 or so keys and restarted the system before attempting to install Office 2007 SP2.


Deconstruction-Reconstruction said...

Renaming "Patches" didn't work for me. Any other ideas other than uninstalling?

Al Eriksson said...

Unfortunately, no. When I researched this on MS' Partner Support community, the choices were either to try the reg edits or completely uninstall and reinstall. Good luck!

Golfman76 said...

Hi Al, I found your blog while searching for this issue. I am in the prediciment where my O12 install works OK, but I need to update Outlook it for the Google Apps Mail plugin to work. My office install is so screwed up I cannot even uninstall it. Would rather just try to have it update to SP2 and be done rather than going through the whole nut-roll of manually deleting files and registry keys.

When you say "patch" are you referring to the PackageCode registry setting? Or one of the other fields?

Thank you kindly, Mark

Al Eriksson said...

No, I'm not.

Each of these keys has a sub key named Patch. Rename the key itself and do this for all of the keys in that branch that relate to your MS Office installation.

I'm just repeating what I heard because it worked for me, so YMMV. Back up your registry before you rename all those keys just in case!