Saturday, September 12, 2009

SharePoint “Open with Windows Explorer” view stops working

After SBS 2008 rollup update 2, SharePoint experienced a few issues. One caused docs to open in read only mode, the other caused the Windows Explorer integration and other features to disappear. The SBS support team blogged about it here. The fix is easy to do:

1. Open SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.
2. On the Central Administration home page, click Application Management.
3. On the Application Management page, in the Application Security section,
click Authentication providers.
4. On the Authentication Providers section, click on Default (or relevant)
5. Under Client Integration, change option to Enable Client Integration to
Yes and click Save.


Tommy Rihu said...


did try this mbut nothing happens still same problem ,do i need to restart the server? running windows 7 and office 2007
then we run “Open with Windows Explorer” nothing happens no error at alla please help us out

regards Tommy

Al Eriksson said...

Hi Tommy -

That's odd, it worked for us immediately.

If you're having problems, refer to this blog post from the Microsoft support team -

If you're still need help, please contact your local Microsoft Partner or Microsoft Support Services.

Tim said...

This solution worked for me.

-Tim Barsotti

Cited from:
I just tested Windows 7 Ultimate with IE8 and latest service packs hot fixes etc.. This issue occurs because of an incompatibility that is introduced by the improvements to Internet Explorer 8's URL handling logic, when it opens certain WebDav URLs.

just so everyone is on the same page WebDav only works on port 80

On the Client

Ensure your WebApplication is in the Local Intranet security Zone

When you use Internet Explorer to access the WebDAV site, Internet Explorer uses Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP). WinHTTP sends user credentials only in response to requests that occur on a local intranet site during an authenticated logon process. However, WinHTTP does not check the security zone settings in Internet Explorer to determine whether a Web site is a local intranet site. Instead, WinHTTP depends on the proxy settings in Internet Explorer to determine whether a Web site is a local intranet site. If the Automatically detect settings option is not enabled, any auto-configuration script that is defined will not be processed. WinHTTP will not identify the WebDAV site as a local intranet site. Therefore, WinHTTP will send out a request without user credentials, and you will be prompted to type user credentials.

On the WFEs

Check if the WebServer > Role Service > WebDav Publishing is installed on the SharePoint WFEs . I have had this issue and the only way I found the resolution was with Fiddler, another farm to compare where I didn’t have the issue, and Google.

Disabling the component is not enough, it must be removed completely from IIS using the following steps:

1. Open Server Manager

2. On the left side of the pane click on Roles

3. Scroll down to the "Role Services" section, and click on "Remove Role Services"

4. Under "web server" uncheck the box next to "WebDav Publishing"

5. Choose Next, then choose Remove

6. A reboot will be required


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Todd Klindt, “Installing Remote Blob Store (RBS) on SharePoint 2010

Troubleshooting WebDav

KB Article for this with MOSS 2007 and explorer Reference

Tim said...

My post is too long to leave as a comment, but I found a solution to the problem.
Two things: 1) Make sure WebDav is not installed on the SharePoint Server.
2) Make sure the SharePoint site is located within the trusted sites on the client.