Saturday, October 17, 2009

Using Machine Names With Windows’ VPN – Revisited

Back in March, we posted about how machine names do not work over a Windows SBS 2008 VPN.

Evidently, we were not alone. This post from Nicholas Piasecki’s blog describes a work around:

  • Click Start > Administrative Tools > Routing and Remote Access.
  • In the tree view, drill down past the server name to IPV4 > General. Right-click the General option and choose “New Routing Protocol” and choose DHCP Relay Agent.
  • Now right-click the newly appended “DHCP Relay Agent” node and choose Properties. Add the IP address of your DHCP server (which is probably your SBS server itself), and click OK. Then click it again and choose “New Interface” and add the “Internal” interface.
  • Now if you connect through VPN, an ipconfig /all should show your domain name as a “Connection-specific DNS suffix” and pinging machines by their suffix-less computer names should work. (If it doesn’t, make sure your DHCP server is using that 015 DNS Domain Name option, which the SBS 2008 wizards set up by default.)

    Thanks, Nicholas!

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