Saturday, January 16, 2010

PeachTree 2010 and 64-bit environments

I’m always amazed when critical information is not passed on for something as important as an accounting software upgrade. This week, we upgraded PeachTree on a SBS 2008 box after carefully reviewing the upgrade requirements and comments provided by Sage.

The server install almost went without a hitch when we saw an app error from a printer driver component, which was unrelated. We noted it and the upgrade continued. It completed, notifying us it was successful.

However it was not. We discovered this the hard way when the first workstation we updated coughed and wheezed at the thought of the new code.

After a 55-minute wait on Sage/PeachTree’s tech support line (and yes, the client has a contract for a lower wait times), our front line tech informed us that this was not a PeachTree issue. It had to be handled by a local PeachTree consultant.

We vigorously disagreed and after another 10-minute wait, we received a callback from a level two tech. We were in for some more surprises.

Interestingly enough, he informed us PeachTree 2010 and its database component cannot muster up enough smarts to store its data outside of the system volume in a 64-bit environment. This, of course, is absurd and not documented anywhere and not communicated during the installation process.

After ripping out registry keys on both machines, pulling references out of the Windows Installer, moving the data to the system volume and raising the local user rights to Admin levels (all undocumented tasks), the upgrade on these two machines was done after four hours. We then completed the install on the remaining workstations without problems.

C’mon, 64-bit environments have been around for quite awhile – especially in servers. The initial attempt by tech support to hand this off to a third party was deplorable. The methods to deploy this are far from what’s considered in the industry as best practices. But more importantly, the lack of communication to the client and lack of appropriate testing before release is highly unprofessional. This resulted in a significant disruption to the client’s business that could have been avoided.


guruuno said...

I too, have had serious interactions with Peachtree support as well as their consultants regarding x64 support.
What to do, who to call?
Is it possible to exactly describe what you did to make things work?

Al Eriksson said...

The PeachTree tech remoted into both the server and the workstation, ripped out the previous installs manually. Then, they installed the product and the database on the sysvol.

In that time, we've had no problem installing this on x64 servers. With that said, we explain to our clients that it's in their best interest to have a support contract.