Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Internet Connectivity on SBS 2008

One of our clients lost internet connectivity on their SBS 2008 server this week. Since the business relies on a hosted line of business app, this was a critical issue. Internal networking was all OK, just no internet access.

We first checked internet connectivity from the ISP and there was no problem. Then we checked the UTM device, also no problem. We connected a notebook PC to the UTM and got out to the internet immediately.

We’ve had several problems in the past with Broadcom NICs in Dell servers, so we looked for the problematic settings but everything was configured properly. After downloading and updating the NIC drivers and firmware, we restarted server but still no luck.

This lead us to believe there might be a DNS problem. Rather than checking the settings, we tried the SBS Fix My Network wizard. Oddly enough, it would not run. The SBS Console just froze. Still thinking DNS, we checked the settings. All OK.

Next, we went to a workstation and entered the ISP’s DNS settings, bypassing the server DNS. That didn’t work either and it should have. We then reset the gigabit switch and internet connectivity was restored. Once the internet connectivity was restored, the SBS Fix My Network wizard worked too. This issue was rather odd, especially since internal networking was not affected.


J Smith said...

Did you get this figured out? Same thing happened to us after losing power to the server.

Network connection work fine in safe mode.

J Smith said...

Were you able to determine the fix to this.

Same thing has happened to us after the server lost power.

The Network connections work fine in safe mode.