Saturday, August 6, 2011

HP Host Based LaserJet printers won’t work in a Remote Desktop session

LaserJet models P1100, P1560, P1600 and P2030 series are “host based” and don’t work with Microsoft’s Easy Print Remote Desktop driver. The work around is to install the driver on the Remote Desktop server and then change group policy so the Easy Print driver is not used first in a Remote Desktop session.
Go to Computer Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> RD Session Host -> Printer Redirection -> Use Remote Desktop Easy Print printer driver first –> disabled.


jjc1111 said...

Thanks for the tip! It corrected our problem.

Adrian Harris said...

So what about the clients that use the easy print driver feature, will they still be able to work. I don't want to do this for one person and then 20 others can't print again.

Thanks So much

Al Eriksson said...

Hi Adrian -

They should as this setting does not disable the Easy Print feature. The server will look for a specific printer driver before trying Easy Print. However, "your mileage may vary", so test this before you roll it out to be certain it will work in your environment.


If this posted twice, I am sorry. couldn't tell if the first one actually did.

I am having a problem locating this mapping:
Computer Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> RD Session Host -> Printer Redirection -> Use Remote Desktop Easy Print printer driver first –> disabled

I am in the Server Manager on my Windows 2008 R2 Server.

And direction pointing would be helpful.

thank you,

dale peronteau


Never Mind. I found it.

Thanks anyway.

testing to verify.

Marcina said...

Thank you for this tip. Other printers were working fine via RDP but the client's HP2035 would not co-operate. I changed the local policy as described and was able to successfully print (albeit slowly) to the remote client's HP2035. Thank you!!

Webmaster said...

I have an HP P2035n with the same problem. That driver would have to install on WS2012 x64? thanks

Daniel said...


I have had this issue for one of our users and my colleague and now titled "SIR Raf the Google God" found this post and within 20 minutes the problem is fixed and we fully understand how and why

Thank you again for posting the details and fix

alexma3x said...

Thank you!

We were fighting with this issue for 2 weeks!

Your solution made my day

Thank you, again!

theKentopolis said...

I am excited to try this solution as I have been battling this issue for a few days now. My question: where are you finding JUST the driver for this printer (HP LaserJet Professional P 1102w). On the HP website, it wants me to download the full service installer but the installer appears to need to communicate with the printer either wirelessly or via USB to continue. An obviously since this is a remote printer in another office I can't do that right now. Thanks in advance!

Al Eriksson said...

Hi theKentopolis -

You're right. HP does not publish the driver by itself. However, you can get around this.

When you start the printer installation program, it unpacks all the files to a temp folder on the machine first. You'll know this has happened because the installation program will pause and ask you to agree to the license or to plug in the printer (I don't remember exactly which).

Included in the unpacked files are the drivers you need. I don't know the exact location of the temp folder however it will be inside the user profile. Just search for the most recently created folder in the profile and you should be set. It will probably have a cryptic folder name. Copy the folder to a safe location and then you can cancel the installation program.

Carl Armstrong said...

Thanks again for your help. Some advice on how I did this on Server 2012 R2.

1. I downloaded the Windows 8 64 bit driver.
2. Started the install of the driver. When it asked to connect the USB drive I opened Task manager and looked for the HP Program. I found what directory it was running from and copied the entire directory to my downloads directory. I think it was running from AppData\..\..\
3. Then I cancelled the printer install.
4. Then I went to Devices and Printers.
5. Added a printer on LPT3. Then I selected Have disk and pointed at the folder in the Download directory that I had copied from AppData\..\..\. It listed the HP2035N printer.
6. After the printer install finished I then deleted the printer that was on LPT1.
7. From the Powershell I ran Get-PrinterDriver to validate the driver was still listed.

Then I followed the instructions from the original poster regarding group policy. I did it with GPEDIT. But the net effect was the same. SUCCESS!! Thanks for your help.

Hammad Saleem Azeemi said...

Server OS=Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

Client OS=Windows 7

Printer=HP Laser Jet Professional P1102 (USB)

All last updates installed on both OS.

Printer successfully working on client workstation. Drivers are from HP, latest.

But with RDP to Server OS printer not printing. When print "try page" - appear window with text: "Page not printed correctly. Open support instruments? Yes/No"

I try install driver on Server OS. Try install XPS driver. Try install Universal HP driver. - without results: or "Page not printed correctly" either printer not printing without errors.

Can you help me?

I'll try this mention solution but problem not resolved

"Go to Computer Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> RD Session Host -> Printer Redirection -> Use Remote Desktop Easy Print printer driver first –> disabled."

funnychen said...

Nice solution, thanks for your help.

Mr. IT said...

Bravo .

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Mr. IT said...


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